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“Do the best you can until you know better. Then when you know better, do better. Maya Angelou

Whether you work with children or young people and need some support, or you’re a school or organisation who would like training, I can help.

Clinical and Reflective Supervision

Clinical supervision offers counsellors and therapists a reflective space to examine, explore and develop their therapeutic practices. Whilst supervision is an essential requirement for all practising therapists, the value and benefits shouldn’t be underestimated. Supervision can ensure standards, enhance quality, advance learning, stimulate creativity, and support the sustainability and resilience of the work being undertaken.

I am an experienced child and adolescent therapist with over 15 years experience as a therapist. I offer supervision for those working with children and young people. My main modality is psychodynamic, with my supervision training being CBT. As a supervisor, I believe it is important to  integrate racial, cultural and diversity-related issues in clinical supervision. We cannot offer our clients meaningful support and healing, if we don’t consider the intersections of their identity. My work as a cultural competence trainer informs my practice as a clinical supervisor. Good supervision needs a good working relationship as a foundation. It’s important you find the right fit for you.  I could be the right fit for you if you are looking for a personable, honest and jargon-free supervisor who will offer you support, guidance and encouragement. Where needed, I will gently challenge and offer reflections that are intended to facilitate your growth.

Reflective supervision in education is aimed for school pastoral staff and works in a similar way as clinical supervision.  It offers a non-judgemental, confidential and collaborative process where school staff can reflect on their work and the emotional demands of their work. It allows you to look at your role within the wider education system and supports your psychological wellbeing. As a former school teacher and someone who has worked in school and education settings my entire career, I have a solid understanding of how school systems operate and I am well placed to offer reflective supervision for school based staff.

The landscape of children’s mental health and wellbeing in schools has changed. There is an increasing demand on pastoral staff to respond to pupils’ mental health wellbeing needs. The emotional toll associated with supporting and safeguarding pupils needs to be considered and it is essential for school organisations to support their school staff in feeling confident and competent to take on this task. Reflective supervision can contribute to best practice, effective relationships, enhanced wellbeing, and professional and personal development.

Supervision qualifications


  •    CYP IAPT Supervision
  •    BPS approved certificate in clinical supervision

My supervision fees range from £85- £150 per supervision session. Supervisions can happen on a fortnightly, monthly or adhoc basis. Contact me if you would like to discuss further, I also offer a discounted trial session.

Training and workshops

I offer training and workshops for typically counselling and school organisations on a range of mental health topics. I have extensive experience offering school based therapeutic services, including strategic oversight of mental health and wellbeing provisions in school. So, I am able to offer bespoke school focused mental health and wellbeing training for your organisation. Whilst I can offer training on a broad range of children’s mental health topics. 

My core specialisms are:


  •   Cultural Competency
  •   Racial identity and Racial trauma

My workshops run on either a half day (3.5hours) or full day(6hrs) basis.

These workshops can be offered as a bespoke training for your organisations. Individuals can also book my public sessions which I run on a termly basis. Join my mailing list at the bottom of this page to be informed of the next training dates.

Cultural Competency

Cultural sensitivity is about having knowledge and understanding of the different identities, values and beliefs that exists within society. Cultural competence engages you with thinking about the lens with which you are practising and engaging with children and young people. Cultural competence intertwines with intersectionality as our identities are multi-layered and are shaped by our lived experiences. Becoming culturally competent provides you with the skills to work from an informed position, a position that ensures you are working with the similarities and differences that exists within your organisation to create opportunities for connection, belonging and psychological safety.

 Cultural competence recognises there is a collective strength that can be harnessed in cultural diversity. We really are stronger together and connected. Cultural competency is essential for any professional working with children and young people. Young people deserve professionals that are equipped to support, nurture and empower their whole self, which includes the intersections of their identity and culture. This requires professionals to have an understanding of one’s own cultural identity and experiences of both privilege and marginalisation. By attending my cultural competence training, you will develop your cultural humility and sensitivity. You will be provided with knowledge and skills to establish a meaningful connection with people from various cultural backgrounds.

Racial identity and Racial trauma

Racial identity and racial trauma are rarely looked at separately.  Addressing race and racial identity differs from addressing racism and racial trauma. However, having an awareness of racial identity dynamics will be part of the tools involved in the process of responding to racism and racial trauma.

This workshop looks at both racial identity and racial trauma and equips attendees with the understanding, knowledge and skills to celebrate and champion children’s racial identity. It also equips attendees with tools to reduce racism and respond meaningfully to children and young people who experience racism. It provides you with a range of practical ideas and resources to help all children and young people have an understanding of racial identity. As well as to explore and celebrate racial diversity. Racial identity education and awareness should not be limited to racially minoritized children.  We all benefit from learning about racial identity and racial trauma.

A report by the YMCA in 2020 found that 95% of young black people that they have heard and witnessed use of racist language at school. In my work, working therapeutically with racially minoritized young people, I regularly hear about the impact of their racialised experiences of racism in various forms. Every child deserves to feel safe to access their education without being attacked or marginalised for who they are.

Racism causes race based trauma and impacts on a child’s sense of self and wellbeing. This racial identity and racial trauma workshop highlights that racism in schools is both a mental health and a safeguarding matter and should be addressed accordingly. It challenges you to reflect on your personal and professional experience to facilitate positive change within your organisation.

Consultation & Speaking

“Speak the truth, even if your voice shakes.” Maggie Kuhn. This quote speaks to me and captures who I am as a speaker. My passion lies in ensuring that policies and practices exist to create safe spaces for racially minoritized children to not only exist, but to thrive. This requires me to highlight harmful systemic policies and gently provoke you to reflect on your practices to stimulate meaningful action.

My consultancy work with schools focuses on supporting them to build a culture of belonging and empowerment for the school community. I will work with your organisation on understanding racial identity & trauma, as well as cultural competence, to develop your diversity and inclusion practices.

I have worked in schools my entire career and have a solid understanding of school systems and working strategically and collaboratively within school systems.

My style is relatable, empathetic and affirming. My aim is to connect with the audience and  leave everyone feeling informed and equipped with tangible strategies.  I want everyone to feel confident in the belief that we all have a part to play in making meaningful systemic changes.


The task of speaking on uncomfortable truths is not an easy one but I am driven by the following principles:

Purpose –  the purpose of all my work is to champion children’s right to be children.

Authenticity – Using both my professional and lived experience, I am able to connect with the audience and deliver a message that facilitates change making. Each one of us can make a difference.

Curiosity- curiosity allows us to remain open to change and challenge.

Empathy- As a qualified therapist, my approach is to be empathic in what I do. Strong emotions can be evoked when engaging in discussions around racial trauma and antiracism, I am responsive to this.

Contact me about keynote speaking, guest speaking and panel discussions

“Kemi did an excellent training video for my website about supporting children suffering from bereavement. She is a professional and brilliant trainer.”

Katherine Houghton ~ Founder and Director, Early Years Staffroom